About Us


Reduce, Reuse, and Revamp Your Fashion with Remnants 
Remnants New York is a sustainable small business established in 2020 by designer, Stefani Vitale. Originally founded as a transparent mask business to support speech therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic, Remnants has transformed into a like-luxury accessories brand specializing in knits and leather.
Throughout the evolution of Remnants, Stefani has always prioritized environmental and social responsibility. These values are reflected in many aspects of her business operations.
All fabric including leather is sustainable sourced; often on its way to the landfill, Stefani purchases scraps from wholesale leather companies around New York City and accepts fabric donations from her local community in Old Bridge, New Jersey.
“To this day, I’ve never bought fabric for my masks. I asked for donations from people in my town and have produced from that ever since,” Stefani said.
Revitalizing scrapped fabric is a pillar of Remnants’ ethos. Stefani ensures the reduction of production waste by recycling excess and saving scraps for reusage whenever possible.
All pieces are handmade to order by Stefani and her team. This guarantees there is absolutely no overproduction or needless waste creation. It also allows for custom orders which can be emailed to Stefani at stefanivitalee@gmail.com
Hats for the Homeless
With every purchase of a knitted hat, Remnants donates another to an NYC homeless shelter. As Stefani makes regular trips into the city to drop off hats, she also accepts donations of essential supplies like water bottles, non-perishable snacks, gloves, blankets, and socks.
All donations, including monetary donations, can be coordinated with Stefani through email at